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That is correct.

  • To get to either the Arahant phala samāpattior the “Nirodha samāpatti,” an Arahant‘s mind needs to transcend ma dhātu (i.e., ma loka), rupa dhātu (i.e., rupa loka), and arupa dhātu (i.e., arupa loka.)
  • While in either of those samāpatti, an Arahant‘s mind does not receive any sensory inputs.
  • No cittās arise in “Nirodha samāpatti,let alone saññā.
  • Arahant phala samāpattiis where only PURE cittās with undefiled saññā (i.e., without “distorted saññā“) arise.

Those are technical points. If anyone is unfamiliar with those terms, don’t worry about it. It is not necessary to understand those. 

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