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Sammasambodhi Gami

One more point that I forgot to mention.

Distorted sanna DOES NOT arise when an Arahant is in “Arahant pala samapatti” (which is the same as pabhassara citta). 

This state is the purest state of a citta. An Arahant enjoys the bliss of Nibbana in this state. 

Furthermore, even the pabhassara citta stops arising in Nirodha samapatti (sanna vedayita nirodha). This is the most peaceful state of Nibbana.

Nibbana has two elements: 

(i) Saupadisesa Nibbana dhatu– The element of Nibbana that is experienced while still having the five aggregates.

(ii) Anupadisesa Nibbana dhatu– The element of Nibbana which is reached after the five aggregates of an Arahant stops arising (which is also called Parinibbana or complete Nibbana). An Arahant is said to be “merged” with Nibbana dhatu forever, hence attaining the Supreme peace.

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