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Yes. It is a good summary. Thank you, Saket.

  • The following is an essential point that Saket emphasized: “When one reaches Arahant stage, all kinds of gathi are removed, hence the possibility of any future lives is eliminated. Although all gathi are removed but still distorted sanna arises in an Arahant because the old hadaya vatthu is still present.”
  • I would add that the “old physical body” that Arahant lives with still plays a critical role in bringing the “distorted saññā” to Arahant‘s mind. However, the hadaya vatthu has gotten rid of all anusaya/samyojana. Thus, Arahant‘s mind would not attach to that “distorted saññā” presented by the physical body.
  • P.S. Another way to say the above:Arahant‘s (and also Anāgami‘s) mind gets to the “ma dhātu” stage but not to “kāma bhava.”
  • Note that “gathi” there refers to “gati” as written in English/Latin alphabet in “Tipitaka English.” 
  • Gati” is pronounced as “gathi.”
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