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That is not correct. A newborn does not know ANYTHING about the world. 

  • As the baby grows (and its brain develops), it gradually learns about the world. First, the baby learns about Mom and Dad and family; then, the family teaches the baby about colors, objects, what words mean, etc. 
  • It takes seven years for the brain to develop fully. It is not a coincidence that the youngest recorded Arahant is seven years old.

The point is that the gandhabba inside the baby makes contact with the external world via the Brain.

  • While in the womb and probably for at least a few weeks, the baby’s mind (i.e., gandhabba‘s mind) is mainly in the “natural bhavanga” state.
  • As the brain grows, it can process more and more “external sensory data”  and pass them to the gandhabba. Thus, more thoughts (cittas) are generated by responding to more sensory inputs.
  • But it takes seven years to get to “full awareness/recognition.” That is when the gandhabba‘s hidden samyojana/anusaya can be fully “triggered” and also “changed.”
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