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Yash wrote: “Sakka+kaya meaning “Good”+”Actions”

It means that people have a view that whatever action is done to please oneself is good and worth it,..”

  • Yes. That is the main idea. 
  • It is “sath + kāya” that rhymes like “sakkāya.” Here, “sath” means “beneficial/good” because that makes one happy.
  • Sakkāya” = “pañca upādānakkhadha” as explained in the Cula Vedala Sutta. Now, the Buddha also stated, “saṅkhittena pañcu­pādā­nak­khan­dhā dukkhā,” OR “In brief, pañca upādānakkhadha means suffering.”
  • We automatically attach to the “pañca upādānakkhadha” because of the “distorted saññā,” and that is what I wanted to emphasize with the rewriting of an old post. I may have to revise many of the old posts that way because that makes it easier to understand why it is so hard to get rid of our cravings. Once one understands that beauty, taste, etc., are not in external objects, it is much easier to give up cravings.
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