Reply To: Music and Distorted Saññā


I need to write a post to fully describe what I tried to explain with the analogy of an alcoholic in the above comment.

  • There is a difference between hearing about a new concept from an Ariya (the Buddha called that “jānato“) and fully getting that concept to “sink into the mind” (which the Buddha called “passato“).
  • One gets to the “jānato” step by learning a concept from an Ariya (kalyāna mitta). The rest (“passato“) is up to that person. 
  • An alcoholic who is unable to give up his drinking habit — even after learning about the dangers of being addicted to alcohol — is at the “jānato” stage. Some don’t try hard enough to reach the “passato” stage.
  • Of course, any kalyāna mitta would do their best to help anyone get to the “passato” stage. It is challenging to explain deep concepts in Buddha Dhamma with short essays. One needs to make their best effort to understand; if certain statements are not clear enough (as in this discussion), don’t hesitate to point that out. That will help others, too.
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