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Those are different types of “kamma vipaka” that can materialize as a consequence of various types of kamma (actions/deeds.)

  • The Sutta Pitaka does not have descriptions of many of them. What Gad quoted above are descriptions in the Commentaries.
  • It is best to focus on how to stop doing any kamma. That CAN NOT be done with sheer willpower. That ability comes through understanding how our minds are fooled to crave worldly things. That is what the recent posts have been focused on “distorted saññā“: “Sotapanna Stage via Understanding Perception (Saññā).”
  • However, it is good to know about various types of kamma vipaka

What Gad wrote at the end, starting with “The types of Kamma and the way they give its consequences as a function of time and the third category of Kamma can be summarized as follows:”  is a good summary of the types of kamma vipaka

  • If anyone has specific questions, I can take a look. I have not had the time to read what Gad wrote in detail above the summary. 
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