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Such “speedy progress” does not happen without causes.

  • There is an interesting account of three people (Bāhiya, Pukkusāti, and Suppabuddha) who had attained magga phala quickly.
  • Those three had met in the rebirth process during Buddha Kassapa’s time. At that time, they learned Dhamma from Buddha Kassapa and tried very hard to attain magga phala. They were so determined that they got to the top of a ravine by making a tall ladder and kicking it to fall after climbing. There was no way to get to safety if they could not make progress. They all died without getting there (some may have attained the Sotapanna stage) because all three were reborn humans during Buddha Gotama’s time. Each one made quick progress when they met Buddha Gotama (at different times.)
  • The following suttas give their account: “Bāhiya Sutta (Ud 1.1),” “Dhātuvibhaṅga Sutta (MN 140),” and “Suppabuddhakuṭṭhi Sutta (Ud 5.3).”
  • All three died soon afterward, and a cow took their lives (at different times.) I have linked to that in the suttas.
  • It turned out that they had abused a woman in a much earlier previous life, and she was determined to take revenge. She was born a cow during Buddha Gotama’s time and took their lives.
  • I don’t recall where those connections are explained. The point is that their fast progress was not random. 
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