Reply To: Music and Distorted Saññā



  • This is precisely how one should do vipassana, not specifically to do what Dosakkhayo did above, but to contemplate critical concepts in many different ways.
  • One should always try to apply new concepts to areas of interest, personal experiences, etc. That helps solidify the concepts in the mind.
  • The more one becomes convinced of the truth of Buddha’s teachings, the easier it will be to progress in losing cravings for worldly pleasures.
  • Even though an average human (puthujjana) cannot even think of a life without “sensory pleasures,” once one truly comprehends the concept of “distorted saññā” one starts to understand why the Buddha said being exposed to sensual pleasures is like being thrown into a fire pit: “Dukkhadhamma Sutta (SN 35.244).”
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