Reply To: Jethavanarama Buddhist Monastery – English Discourses


For those who are interested and have taken the time to watch any of the previously posted sermons and segments, it may be beneficial to also view the material provided in this post. I don’t think it will be the best of ideas to watch the below without having watched any the previous ones.

Sermon: Manifestations

Starting 1:47:54, watch for at least 3 minutes, cause that’s where he makes a clear connection with dukkha (Yadaniccaṃ tan dukkhāṃ)

Sermon: The Practical Application of Karmasthana

In the most recent sermon, Bhante explains anicca, dukkha, and anatta in relation to one another. He words it differently here, so this segment is a good addition to the previous sermons.

I suggest to watch the short segment related to anicca above first before starting this one. Starts at about 1:11:55, watch for at least 15 minutes.

P.S: In this sermon he dissects “etam santam etam panitam, yadidam sabbe saṅkhāra samatho, sabbupadhi patinisaggo” and how to practically apply it to life.

Theruwan Saranayi.