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Theruwan Saranai everyone, 
Initially this post was meant to post segments from Jethavanarama sermons in addition to what Jorg has already shared here, but I agree with what Jorg said “it’s better to watch sermons in their entirety for the best possible context.” Even though I already have some sermons segmented, I decided to drop the idea. 
– “I just found his explanation of Anicca a bit odd”
Initially I felt the same way too. Currently I don’t believe to have understood / comprehended everything about the teachings / explanations or have watched all the sermons, but will continue to learn and put into practice the teachings / explanations. Doing my best to keep an open mind about the teaching of anicca and other teachings from Jethavanarama Buddhist Monastery has benefitted me. Broadened my knowledge of the Tilakkhana and given me some things for consideration, contemplation and to put into practice. So far overall from what I have discerned for myself is that I can’t see why the teachings couldn’t be the Buddha dhamma or how it wouldn’t benefit others.   
For myself, I find the timing to be more than coincidental with Venerable Lal recent writings on distorted sanna and from what I believe to have understood / comprehended from Jethavanarama recent teachings is also related to distorted sanna. I look forward to continue with the learning and putting into practice the teachings disseminated by the two Venerable Sirs and others.
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