Reply To: Quantum Mechanics – First Three Posts


Good morning from Australia, Lal. 

I just want to try and understand this a little bit more if possible, especially in relation to the Aganna Sutta. 

I am not saying that Darwin’s theory of evolution is 100% factual, however both the book you have suggested and the video shared by Johnny can be swiftly discredited with genuine evidence that supports evolution greater than “intelligent design”. 

I can agree with the fact that the mind can/could influence adaptation in evolution, but that evolution is a well documented, observable and credible theory. 

A friend in dhamma says this 

“What you say explains generally the way Buddha explains things that Brahmas are not free from sansara they just think they are free from it. Buddha also mentions many times that were Brahmas, hell beings, etc. but in this sutta, Buddha is more detailed about explaining specific things that happened to our realm, while the general sense should be obvious I still wonder what would be the question or what is the issue with Buddha explanation as this can be pretty much simplified by that, there are some missing puzzles if we take for example the “light body Brahmas” ate the earth and become humans that means there would be a period of brahmans becoming humans – humans becoming animals, animals becoming bacterias (?) and process would reverse at some point back. It would be hard to find evidence for it unless we would find some inconsistencies in scientific research on that topic.

In the timeline there should be the time when the process is reversed by certain causes and conditions, to pinpoint that would be the “proof” but without 4th jhana or some kind of proof I would just assume (I’m not really into assuming but this topic of Dhamma aspects is least “important” in terms of Dhamma progress, results and meditation, etc.) just we have no way to disapprove it but neither to approve it so it will be the gray area that we are just too limited with information we hold at that time”

Look forward to having this conversation because I’m struggling a little bit with blind faith aspects. But ultimately I am asking, is this anti-evolution, the de-evolution theory or how should we take the context of this sutta so it’s applicable in an accurate world view?