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Theruwan Saranayi,

I think some segment (perhaps the 4th then) also include the connection to dukkha, but I’m not in the position to refer to specific timestamps unfortunately. Our compound was subjected to a power cut and I’m outside without earphones.

I know of some other sermons where dukkha and anatta are most certainly discussed in line with this explanation of anicca. Please allow me some time to sort and segment. (The day after) tomorrow I have some more time (in case they don’t fix the power anytime soon)🙏 .

@Jaro, I messaged them and they seemed to have fixed their playlist. Perhaps you could start at sermon #40. That’s the first sermon in this current series of sermons that aims to build an understanding of tilakkhana more deeply. In this series, he uses Pali and Sinhala whereas in the sermons prior, he doesn’t. Those earlier sermons are more suitable for those new to everything (that does not mean that they can’t be useful for others, cause I still occasionally come across some gems of wisdom when I watch these with my wife). 


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