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I’m not sure about the time stamps in that sermon, but he discussed similar things in many others. At the bottom I listed a few of them.

Before I do, I have some slight reservations about posting these segments here in this thread, but if you take the following into account I think it’s okay:

  1. These are quite advanced sermons and the viewer by now has already become accustomed to a whole series of sermons that lead up to it, thus they have a solid understanding.
  2. Bhante has said on several occasions that viewing anicca as “not to your liking” is the foundation, but we should try and develop a deeper understanding (these are my words only unfortunately, I’m not sure in what sermons he said that anymore. I prefer to use his own words, so I’ll come back if I find anything).
  3. The segments I provided are just some segments where he offers a deeper way of looking at it. It’s best to look at all segments to get a more complete image of what he means (in particular the last one where he talks also why we perceive “things” to break/die and therefore cannot remain to our liking). Still, it’s better to watch sermons in their entirety for the best possible context. He takes his time with the sermons, and so should the viewer.
  4. If you have just started watching, and this makes no sense, start from the earlier sermons. Unfortunately, I see that the information I posted earlier in this thread about what sermons to watch is not accurate at the moment of writing, because there seems to be an issue with the playlists; the sermons got mixed up. I’ll notify them in regards to this. I’ll update when I see it has been resolved.


31:27 – 42:40

51:06 – 55:56  (note: drushti = ditthi)

1:05:02 – 1:24:28 

1:45:15 – 2:02:47 

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