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My comment was incomplete, so let me add the following to clarify the whole:

This website is not simply about moral living. It is to start understanding that happiness cannot possibly be found in this world. I have made that pretty clear in the last three articles (if anybody is interested, feel free to read, starting with “The Illusion of Beauty”).

Perhaps (for the time being) you could regard this site as a transition for those who would otherwise never come in contact with these concepts (because of their misunderstandings/misinterpretations). Later I’ll figure out how to narrow the gap with Buddha Dhamma (further). It could be through linking to this site or specific sermons such as from Jethavanarama. For now, the site is a work in progress. It will undergo many changes later on.

Since I feel that I’m going to be misunderstood from the above, please let me add a practical example that reflects these intentions:
I’ve talked to various people about how we cannot truly find fulfillment through worldly things and that the attempt itself is vexatious. I provided them with various examples that they could verify for themselves. I did not mention Buddha Dhamma at first because they would not have listened to me. That would have been such a pity. So out of compassion, I didn’t (I merely presented the logic of some Buddha Dhamma concepts). However, after they started seeing the logic, they became open-minded enough for me to share more. This is sort of the same principle. 

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