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Good work, Jorg.

I disagree with the following statement: “What I noticed in my life was that there are quite some people who have the ability to reflect on things logically. However, and unfortunately so, terms like “Buddha,” and “Dhamma” trigger various connotations and mostly incorrect ones.”

  • Without the Buddha, nothing that any bhikkhu teaches will make sense in the long run. A Buddha is the best logician.
  • I understand that you don’t mean it that way. But it could give a wrong impression.
  • Explaining things entirely in English is a “good introduction” to moral living and is commendable. But advising merely to live a moral life was not the central message of the Buddha. 
  • On the other hand, your website does not say it is about Buddha Dhamma. Therefore, that is fine. It is about moral living and thinking logically.
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