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Yash RS

Thanks Gad, but I have a question, what should be done after following the 8 precepts 

The first five of the eight precepts are similar to the five precepts, that is, to refrain from killing living beings, stealing, damaging speech, and to abstain from intoxicating drink or drugs,[2] but the third precept is abstinence of all sexual activity instead of refraining from sexual offenses.[3] The final three precepts are to abstain from eating at the wrong time (after midday); to abstain from entertainment such as dancing, singing, music, watching shows, as well as to abstain from wearing garlands, perfumes, cosmetics, and personal adornments; and to abstain from luxurious seats and beds.

Won’t this induce mental stress as we are not habitual to it? I mean what should be done after that so that the mind doesn’t want to go back to the original lifestyle that was before following the 8 precepts?