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Yes. It may take some time to fully absorb the contents of the post “Mūlapariyāya Sutta – The Root of All Things.”

  • It is indeed the “root of all things”!


Regarding Hojan’s comments: I can understand the perception that the explanation of ‘Kusala-Mul PS” seems to make sense. However, it cannot be correct due to the reasons I pointed out in my previous comment. 

  • Here is another way to look at it. I suggest writing out the terms in the “Kusala-mula PS.” In particular, what type of vinnana, namarupa, salayatana, and samphassa will be involved? All those terms are “reduce in strength” as a Sekha cultivates the Noble Path.
  • We can focus on namarupa, for example. It is with wisdom (panna) that namarupa formation gradually decreases and eventually stops, not by engaging in any sankhara.
  • In the same way, salayatana means “using indriya (eyes, ears, ..) with defilements in the mind.” “samphassa” means “defiled contacts in mind.” Defilements are raga, dosa, moha. As panna increases, such “defiled actions” gradually decrease. Arahanthood is attained NOT by nullifying kammic energies that have been accumulated but by the total “deactivation” of the “Akusala-Mula PS process.” Thus, at the moment of cuti-patisandhi, such an Akusala-Mula PS process cannot run to make a new patisandhi!
  • We should probably continue that discussion under a different thread to keep issues separated if there are more questions. Please feel free to ask questions. It is not good to accept anyone’s explanations unless the explanation makes sense. Even the Buddha kept saying not to accept his explanations if they did not make sense and to ask questions to clarify unresolved issues. I am still a Sekha, and I can make mistakes.


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