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Q1. Saṅkhata dukkhatā is the same as  saṅkhāra dukkhatā.

Q2. They do have a one-to-one correspondence. I think that is discussed in the above post.

  • However, that can be seen more easily with the new analysis based on “uncovering the suffering-free mind” of the pabhassara citta that I started with a series of five posts in “Buddhism – In Charts” (five posts starting with Chart B).
  • I have continued that discussion in “Does “Anatta” Refer to a “Self”?
  • In upcoming posts, I will get to the origin of the three types of dukkha using this approach. I think this will provide a much better understanding of many aspects, not just the three types of suffering.
  • It would be hugely beneficial to understand the above-mentioned posts. That way, one can keep up with the upcoming posts. 


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