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“Monks, follow Sāriputta and Moggallāna; associate with Sāriputta and Moggallāna. They are wise and helpful to their companions in the holy life. Sāriputta, monks is like a mother; Moggallāna is like a nursing mother. Sāriputta, monks, trains others in the path of the fruit of Stream Winner, and Moggallāna for the highest goal. Sāriputta, monks is able to proclaim, teach, define, establish, clarify, analyse, and elucidate the four Noble Truths in detail.”

[Arahant Sāriputta and Arahant Mahā Moggallāna were the two chief disciples of the Buddha. It is said that Arahant Sāriputta would train the newly ordained monks till they attain the first supra mundane stage of Stream Enterer (Sotāpanna), and from then on, Arahant Mahā Moggallāna would teach them until they gain full enlightenment as Arahants. Hence, the Buddha has referred to Arahant Sāriputta as a mother and Arahant Mahā Moggallāna as a nursing mother.]

I believe this verse means that; “to reach the sotāpanna stage one requires great wisdom.” The jhanas make it easier to reach the higher stages. The venerable arahant Sariputta was the best in wisdom among the monks. With his wisdom, he brought many to the sotāpanna stage. Of course, he could also guide others to the higher stage. Venerable Maha Mogallana was the best in abhinnas and jhanās. He guided the others directly to the arahant stage.

I believe many people misinterpret this verse. They think that having jhanas is proof of being an arahant. (There are anariya yogis with all the jhanās and abhinnas). However, we find in the suttas arahants liberated solely through wisdom.