Reply To: Useful Essays from DRARISWORLD and Other Websites


It’s quite incredible how we are fooled by our appearance in our youth and how society fuels this illusion. People have even told me that I am too young to practice Dhamma or religious things. 22 is the age when you must use all your energy to enjoy the beautiful things in life and to be at the top of society (finish your studies, have a good job, a partner, a good social status). Morality and philosophy will come later. The famous phrase “we only have one life, we must make the most of it” comes up very often in their speeches. It’s sad if they knew the danger they expose themselves to by having these erroneous beliefs.

I had also thought a lot about the meaning of asubha that you brought to me the other time sir. If we only had to contemplate the corpse or the repugnance of the body, without the correct understanding; All these surgeons, doctors and cemetery workers would be free from Kāma ragā.

The other day I learned the story of a surgeon, through a show, who cheated on his wife with one of these patients. He had operated on this patient and seen the disgusting appearance of her body. Unfortunately, it was not enough to calm his passion and break this precept. There is also the story of people who sleep with corpses. In this case, we can perhaps speak of mental disorders. All these cases remind me of the importance of proper understanding before engaging in any meditation.