Reply To: Dreams and nimitta at the time of death


Nimitta, in general, is a “thought object” upon which the mind starts to experience something. It has a similar meaning to arammana. It is to focus the mind on something. 

  • See “Nimitta Sutta (AN 3.102).” The English translation there translates it as “foundation.”
  • The other translation there, “3.102. Themes” translates nimitta as “theme.”
  • Both may be OK to get the idea. 
  • For example, a yogi cultivating the anariya breath meditation focuses the mind on the breath. So, breath is the nimitta there.

At the cuti-patisandhi moment, kammic energy can bring a nimitta to the mind in two ways: (i) based on the mindset of that person at that time (if a potent/strong vipaka is not there) or (ii) if there is a strong vipaka waiting to bring that specific vipaka, it can bring a very different nimitta matching with that specific vipaka.