Reply To: Why Can't A Paccekabuddha Teach Dhamma?


Thank you, Gad!

1. In your first post, you wrote:

“..One of these people was lusting after someone’s wife. Realizing that he was generating unhealthy thoughts, he practiced anapanasati (the real, not the mundane) unconsciously. This person saw his householder attributes disappear and became a paccekabuddha.

I will try to find this sutta!”

  • Yes. I like to read that sutta if you find it. It is not possible for someone to become a Buddha without comprehending Paticca Samuppada on their own. That cannot be done unconsciously. It needs a lot of contemplation.
  • Therefore, practicing the correct version (not the mundane) of Anapanasati cannot be done unconsciously. That involves comprehending Paticca Samuppada first.

2. Regarding your second post:

  • Yes. What you wrote about Paccekabuddhas is correct.
  • They can teach a few, just like an Arahant can.
  • But only a Sammasambuddha (like Buddha Gotama) has the ability to teach the masses and initiate a Buddha Sasana that can last a long time.
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