Reply To: Why Can't A Paccekabuddha Teach Dhamma?


I found a text that contradicts the idea that “paccekabuddhas do not teach magga phala”  The Lord Buddha was the father of a young Brahmin, in a past life. His son was ordained by paccekabuddhas and became one of them. The son even attained parinibbāna, shortly after his awakening.

In my personal opinion, such an outcome is only possible when the person has enough paramis, to become one of them. They just didn’t teach too many people. They do not establish a sasana like the sammasambuddhas. They ordain only if the persons are close to them, I think.

I leave it to Sir Lal to examine this information, to see if it is credible!!

The sources 

Saṅkha’s StoryPaccekabuddhas Teach Awakening(from the Commentary to Dhammapada 290)

Dhammapada Verse 290 Attanopubbakamma Vatthu

Matta sukhapariccaga

passe ce vipulam sukham

caje mattasukhirh dhiro

sampassam vipulam sukham