Reply To: Post on “Ānāpānasati – Overview”

Tobias G

Understood, but then it makes not much sense to engage in mundane satipattāna or anāpānasati when a person is still a puthujjano with wrong worldviews. Nowadays, however, most seekers do this, they engage in walking and breathing meditation and think that this will lead to something enlightenment-related. They simply lack the complete worldview and dangers of samsara. They lack dukkha sacca and understanding of Nibbana.

The best way is to learn Buddha Dhamma and remove micca ditthi, get a basic understanding of tilakkhana/PS/cattari ariya sacca, become a Sotapanna (Anugami). After that one can start satipattāna and anāpānasati. Is this view too extreme?