Reply To: This mine, I am this, this my Atta.


– “The deeply embedded perception of a “me” is associated with sanna vipallasa. Removal of sakkaya ditthi does not affect that much the removal of the perception of a “me.”

From reading the paragraph, it seems like it would still be of benefit for a Sotapanna to mediate on netaṁ mama, nesohamasmi, na meso attā’ of the five aggregates and on the other dhatu’s like in the Mahārāhulovādasutta.

– “Thus, the correct translation of “‘etaṁ mama, esohamasmi, eso me attā’ ti” is “mine, of myself, or can be beneficial for me?”

That’s very interesting . . . In the past year or so I have been working on coming up with an interpretation that works best for my own understanding of that famous verse.

Can’t say this would be the right translation or interpretation of that famous verse, but it seems like it works best for my practice and understanding at this current time. What I have come up with so far is:

Etaṃ mama (had as mine), esohamasmi ( I am any of the 5 aggregates or the 20 kinds / types of sakkaya ditthi), eso me atta’ ti (is of value or importance to me).

None of the 5 aggregates or dhatus “can be had as mine”, that my essence is any of the 5 aggregates and the 5 aggregates is of importance or value to me.