Reply To: Goenka´s Vipassana – Part 2



I read your article “True Ānāpāna & Vipassana 1.2 – Jorg Wijnen-2023.PDF” with great pleasure and cherished. I too was initiated into Buddhism many years ago with the practice of goenka vipassana and have participated in several 10-day courses. I am now trying very hard to understand puredhamma. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for creating such a valuable document that resonates with me in many ways and has helped me greatly in my Dhamma practice.

I am translating it into Korean without your permission. I am organizing the translation on my personal blog. A few interested Dhamma friends are reading them, and I would like to ask your permission to do so. If I am allowed to continue translating, I would like to hear and check with you from time to time on paragraphs where my understanding is not clear. I would prefer to use email.

Thank you.