Reply To: How to counter the arguments about the goodness of sensual desires?


I want to add:  Venerable Padhānikatissa was a puthujana Bhikkhu who taught the Dhamma correctly but didn’t practice. His students attain Arahantship when they hear a few verses from the Lord Buddha. Venerable Padhānikatissa gives them a huge opening to magga phala. They just need a little help from Lord Buddha, before they attain Nibãnna. Just like sir Lal said, “if the Dhamma was only taught by the ariya, he would have disappeared a long time ago.”

All puthujJanas are not the same; some can teach the Dhamma even if that will never be better than a ariya.

” It appears that Venerable Padhānikatissa has simply repeated the instructions that the Buddha normally gives to the meditating monks that they should meditate with mindfulness and diligence without practicing them by himself.”

One should practice first, what one teaches others to practice