Reply To: what does ending of sakkaya ditthi really mean?


Do you agree with the following statements:

1. When encountering an “unpleasurable situation/sensory input,” an average human (puthujjana) knows only two responses: (i) to try to avoid it or (ii) to compensate for it by seeking a ‘pleasurable sensory input.’

2. An average human becomes a Sotapanna when realizing that the above mindset does not get one to be free of suffering. The above mindset only prolongs suffering in the rebirth process.

3. A Sotapanna also realizes that the way to be suffering-free is to detach from “worldly pleasures” gradually.

I explained this in the recent post: “Anicca Nature- Chasing Worldly Pleasures Is Pointless.”

You stated: “In my opinion Sotapanna is the person who eradicated his/her clinging towards his/her personality.”

  • What you meant in the above statement is not clear. Is that close to what I summarized above?
  • If not, please further clarify your statement. What kind of changes would a Sotapanna make in the personality to remove future suffering in the rebirth process? 
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