Reply To: Celestial realms and speed of light


Hello drs8,

“If we travel closer to the speed of light, time slows down.”

  • Yes. That is true and has been verified by experiments.


“And if we travel faster than the speed of light, the time goes reverse.”

  • That is not correct. What happens is that as an object’s speed approaches the speed of light, that object’s mass increases enormously. Then, it will not be possible even to approach the speed of light. 
  • Your first statement, “Our current physics states nothing can travel faster than the speed of light,” is correct due to that reason.

The last part of your comment/question: ” I’ve heard in the Brahma and other celestial realms that one minute in their world is like a few months/years (may not be the most accurate context here) in the human domain. So, does this mean those beings always travel closer to the speed of light, or perhaps faster? Could this be a reason why we can’t see them?”

  • Indeed, things located high above the Earth travel faster. For example, geocentric satellites have high speeds. However, that is not enough to account for the enormous increase in lifetimes in the Brahma realms. 
  • The extremely high lifetimes in those realms are due to a different reason. Their minds don’t generate anger/hate and the level of raga is extremely low. So, their kammic energies “wear away” very slowly. 
  • The fact that we cannot see them is due to a different reason. They don’t have dense physical bodies like us. Just give a crude analogy: their “bodies” are much finer than mist, like air (even lighter than air.) We cannot “see” air. See “Body Types in 31 Realms – Importance of Manomaya Kaya.”