Reply To: The Five Dullabha (Rare Things)


I found the sutta of venerable Bhikkhu Citta called Hatthirohaputta. The bhikkhu sotapanna who ordained 6 time before he became arahant. Some versions are little bit different.

Here is the link to his story:  “Citta called Hatthirohaputta (Hatthisāriputta)

The sutta: “With Hatthisāriputta (AN 6.60)

This sutta is very useful to understand how even someone who has the anariya jhanas can still have kama ragā. Arahant Mahākoṭṭhita explains it clearly in this story. Bhikkhu Citta was a Sotapanna and he possessed the anariyas Jhanas. Arahant Mahākoṭṭhita said he would eventually disrobe. (In this story, it is not explicitly said that venerable citta was a Sotāpanna) In another version, it was stated that’s why I posted two links.


 I also have a question Sir Lal what is the signless immersion of the heart??