Reply To: Anatta analogy with the car


Hello Gad. Don’t worry. Your English is improving, and we can get the idea you are trying to convey.

The analogy is not bad. 

  • However, a simpler version could be the following: Suppose someone buys a car expecting it to bring happiness by allowing visits to various places of interest. So, he is joyful and drives around to many such places. But, then, he runs out of places that he can reach by car. As you pointed out, he can no longer use it for his enjoyment because there are places (say overseas) that he cannot get to with the car. Finally, the car breaks down without fulfilling his desires. 
  • Anything of “seemingly of value” in this world is like that. It will not fulfill one’s expectations in the end. Unless we make progress on the Noble Path, we all will die after doing many activities that don’t leave us with any tangible benefit. 

It is good to contemplate such analogies. That will help the “idea of anicca, dukkha, anatta nature” of anything in this world sink into one’s mind.

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