Reply To: Post On Kāma Guṇa – Origin of Attachment (Tanhā)

“Yaṁ kho, bhikkhave, ime pañca kāmaguṇe paṭicca uppajjati sukhaṁ somanassaṁ—ayaṁ kāmānaṁ assādo.”
“The pleasure and happiness that arise from these five kinds of sensual stimulation: this is the gratification of sensual pleasures.”
I have read over this line, I believe enough times. What I’m believing of seeing and understanding is that sukham, somanassa “can” arise from kāmaguna and this sukham, somanassa that arises from kāmaguna is kāma assāda.
I was wondering if Lal or anyone can help me with a second opinion or confirmation that I have understood properly what was mentioned in Pali and translated in English that’s quoted at the beginning of this post. I’m really afraid of misunderstanding or getting this wrong.