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Good comment, Gad.

  • Yes. In the “Māratajjanīya Sutta (MN 50)” Ven. Moggalana tells the Māra Devaputta that he was a Māra named Dūsī in the past. That was during the time of the Kakusandha Buddha, and the sutta describes how Dusi Māra injured one of that Buddha’s leading disciples, Venerable Vidhura. 
  • Then Ven. Moggalana described how he was born in an apaya because of that immoral deed before being born a human in his last birth. It is an informative read.
  • (Note: Māra is the title of the leader of Devas in the “Paranimmita vasavattī Deva realm,” which is the highest Deva realm.)
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