Reply To: Post On Kāma Guṇa – Origin of Attachment (Tanhā)


If there is not even “kama sanna” then An Arahant would not experience any taste! I am still trying to verify it. (P.S. See comment #45581 below.)

  • This is a tricky issue because we don’t have any Arahants to verify this for us.
  • However, as you stated, “Kāma Guṇa” definitely refers to attachment. I found some suttas that say an Arahant has removed all “Kāma Guṇa” from the mind.

P.S. I have corrected the main errors in both posts mentioned in Lang’s comment. I need to go through them carefully and make further revisions. Please let me know if anyone sees things that require a review. I want to take the time and make sure to get the facts right as much as possible (e.g., references from the Tipitaka.)