Reply To: Post On Kāma Guṇa – Origin of Attachment (Tanhā)


Thank you, TGS and Lang.

Yes. Some of the points you pointed out are incorrect and need fixing. That is why I thought of writing a new post first. Then (or concurrently), I will revise the relevant posts. Please post anything else contradictory you find on this thread.

Incorrect and needs fixing:

“5. However, this sōmanassa vēdanā  that arises due to kāma guṇa are NOT the “samphassa-jā-vēdanā.” Somanassa vēdanā due to kāma guṇa arises in an Arahant, as well as in an average human.”


1. “Under #29933 above, Lal wrote:
I have confirmed that many times. Yes, An Arahant would taste that meal to be tasty.”

  • But there is no attachment to that taste.
  • It is just that the “sweetness” or “saltiness” in not a vedana but a “sanna”. 

2. “Kāma Guṇa do not arise in an Arahant.”

“Somanssa and domanassa are both created by the mind based on Kāma Guṇa. Thus, they do not arise in an Arahant.”

  • Somanassa/domanassa vedana do not arise in an Arahant. Only sukha/dukha vedana can arise in an Arahant.