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“The Samsarā has no beginning we have always been there but we can put an end once we at least attain the sotapanna stage.”

  • Correct.

“The sotapanna stage is the beginning of the end.”

  • Yes. It is the beginning of the end of the rebirth process.

“Nibbāna has a beginning but no end. Once we’re in, it is forever, no come back in the samsarā.”

  • It is better to say that Nibbana is permanent. We cannot define it in terms of the words we use in “this world.” Of course, there is no coming back to samsarā.

“The lineage of the ariya has no beginning and end. We cannot find the first buddha or pacceka buddha and we cannot find the last of them because they will always exist and have always been there. No beginning and no end for this lineage. “

  • The lineage of a given Buddha ends at the end of his Buddha Sasana, which may last for a varying number of years. See “Mahāpadāna Sutta (DN 14)“. Gotama Buaddha’s may last for a few thousand years, but some last for much longer. It ends when the last Sotapanna dies, i.e., when the true Dhamma cannot be passed down to another generation.
  • But numerous Buddhas may have been there in the “beginningless past.”
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