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Yes. It is not easy to translate Pali words into English. Sappaṭigha is usually translated as “graspable”; a better explanation could be “detected with an instrument or a measuring device.” The following explanation may be helpful:

  • Sanidassanasappaṭigha= Sanidassana Sappaṭigha. Only light falls into this category as it can be “seen” and “detected with instruments.”
  • Anidassanasappaṭigha = Anidassana sappaṭigha. Sadda (sound), gandha (odor particles), rasa (taste particles), and phottabba (matter responsible for the touch) cannot be seen but can be detected with instruments.
  • Anidassanaappaṭigha = Anidassana Appaṭigha. Only dhamma rupa belongs to this category since that cannot be seen or detected with any instrument. Scientists are unaware of this category.
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