Reply To: Citta question


Thank you very much. I did read those posts in Essential Abhidhamma Basics. Thanks for connecting with the 5 khandas. This requires more slower and deeper reflection. Ok sorry to ask this. Can one say that the “bhavanga” stream is like a flow of river, the river that continues from past lives that stores all past habits, impressions, deep-rooted vices (lobha etc) ? Perhaps these roots arise from the bhavanga stream (this helps me to visualize) and they have to arise from somewhere instead of cittas bearing the burden of past karmas and roots (otherwise the cittas will carry huge atomic weight like uranium!). Cittas arise from moment by moment and the bhavanga provides the “base” and raw material for each citta and eventually of course the goal being to eliminate the akusala aspects of consciousness….the cittas become more leaner…and the bhavanga stream can also become less dense….

Let me know if I am making sense and sorry if I am being a little deviant from   the teachings. I am trying to connect the dots.