Reply To: On “Mūlapariyāya Sutta”.


LDF questions #5 through #8:

They are all related to the same concept I described. 

  • An average person has many wrong views. Their view of the world is wrong and such wrong views can manifest in different ways. Sañjānāti means such wrong understandings. Vipallasas (confusions) arise regarding “what is to be taken as mine.” That “vipallasa level” is removed at the Sotapanna stage. One will never be confused about whether to pursue worldly things or to pursue Nibbana! One will never be confused about that distinction.
  • Once one understands how rebirths in different realms originate due to one’s own actions, things become clear. There is no need to analyze word by word.
  • Then one can see that this dense physical body is secondary. Its purpose is to provide “dense sense doors” (for tasting, smelling, and touching). The “primary body” is the manomaya kaya (with hadaya vatthu/pasada rupa) created by kammic energy.
  • By understanding Paticca Samuppada, one can see how manomaya kaya for different realms (including Deva and Brahma) arise according to the level of avijja involved in creating that kammic energy.  
  • P.S. However, since one has not yet fully comprehended the anicca, dukkha, anatta nature, one may still crave sensory pleasures. One needs to cultivate Satipatthana/Anapanasati diligently to make further progress.
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