Reply To: post on Vipallāsa (Diṭṭhi, Saññā, Citta) Affect Saṅkhāra

– “Four vipallasa (nicca, sukha, atta, subha) and three characteristics (anicca, dukkha, anatta.) There should be no confusion”.
Thank you for the clarification, that was helpful for me. 
 If all vipallasa about anicca/anatta are removed, what is left to do?”
That’s the thing, it’s my belief that only the Buddha and Arahants understanding of the Noble 8 Fold Path, Tilakkhana, and other teachings are truly said to be “complete and have nothing left to do”, especially relating to the Tilakkhana.
I should mention that I’m not disagreeing with the teaching on Sotapanna’s having all anicca/anatta vipallasa removed. 
But does this mean that Sotapanna’s understanding of anicca/anatta is completed and that they have understood / know everything about anicca / anatta? 
Maybe it’s like some of the comments mentioned?

“Sottapana are supposed to have realised the Aniccā/Anattā completely YET, they haven’t applied it to their life completely?”

“Maybe they haven’t realised how Aniccā/Anattā nature of all objects in world ALWAYS leads to dukkhā?”

It’s probably my problem that I can’t truly believe in Sotapanna’s understanding of anicca / anatta “couldn’t be improved upon”.
It’s also possible that I might not have been clear on what I meant by “couldn’t be improved upon”.  
One of the ways I thought of to explain what “couldn’t be improved upon” means. Is that from the first time the sotapanna believed in that they are sotapanna’s and as time goes on, their practice, understanding of the dhamma deepens or is progressing on the path. Their understanding / seeing of anicca/anatta would remain the same? There would be no improvements? No differences?
Since I’m not disagreeing with the teaching, yet not able to fully accept that Sotapanna’s understanding of Anicca / Anatta wouldn’t improve as they’re progressing on the Noble 8 Fold Path.
I also have this question:
“The question is, what exactly is missing in terms of understanding?”
– (A)”Is there a lack of panna in general Or (B) is there only a lack of panna regarding dukkha and asubha”?
I believe it would be both A&B. If one is lacking in panna in general, wouldn’t that also affect one’s lack of panna regarding dukkha and asubha? 
What about anicca / anatta? Would lacking in panna also affect one’s understanding of anicca / anatta?
It’s my belief that a Sotapanna understanding / seeing of anicca / anatta would improve as their progressing on the Noble 8 Fold Path.  
If Venerable Waharaka Thero was alive, I would’ve liked to ask him if he’s understanding of anicca / anatta have gotten better or improved from the time he first started believing he was a Sotapanna to where he is today (at a later time). Unfortunately for us, fortunately he is no longer here, but hopefully I can ask this question to Lal and to others on here.
One doesn’t need to comment or answer to this question if one choose not to. What I would like to ask Lal and others that are at least Sotapanna’s is that from the first time they started to believe in that they are Sotapanna’s to where they are today. Have their been any differences / improvements / or has remained the same with their understanding and practice of anicca / anatta?