Reply To: Post on “Anattā is a characteristic of the world, not about a ‘self’ “.


Lal, Interesting side question;

When RūpakKhanda for some particular type of physical Rūpa arises, most of us cannot know the true physical nature of that Rūpa, right?

For example,

Let’s say that Someone is given a poisoned cake. That particular Poison doesn’t have any distinct taste or smell and that poison doesn’t change the physical appearance of cake in any way.

So, receiver of cake doesn’t know that cake is poisoned. He eats cake and dies.

The saññā of that cake in mind of receiver of cake might be that “this is just a normal cake, which can be consumed”.

So, This is another way in which the mind can get deluded right?

This mental impression of physical Rūpa doesn’t accurately represent the reality, right?