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I wasn’t aware that the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics confirmed the non-local nature of this world. My knowledge regarding this topic is limited, but I can clearly see how this sheds a tremendous light on the concepts of instantaneous rebirths, birth of gandhabba, kamma bhava, kamma, vipaka, etc. 

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@Lal: I remember you posted this a long time ago:

Going “Against the Grain” of Scientific Consensus

3. When I started working on this project over two years ago, I had conversations with Professor Gayanath Fernando. We tried to get a paper published on the proposed interpretation of QM. However, we were unable to convince the reviewers, and the article did not get published. I am attaching the pdf of the last version here: “A Self Consistent Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics Based on Nonlocality.”

  • But it got rejected from several journals because physicists refuse to believe that the “light speed barrier” can be broken: Einstein’s relativity theory says nothing can propagate faster than light.

  • Our point is that nothing actually “travels” between the two “connected electrons.” They are intrinsically connected.

  • However, it is ironic that the nonlocality of Nature was firmly established in 2015, as we discussed in the above paper.


I’m just wondering if you ever attempted to get it published again, since more evidence has come out.