Reply To: Does citta have spatial location?


Mh, I can’t say whether the question was understood correctly, because the question is very abstract to obscure and I expected a different answer. That is why I am going to rephrase.

1. So when two life streams experience rebirth at the same time, with 100% of the same impurities, kamma energy, every rupa and experience from the past, etc., everything is completely the same. Would the Hadaya Vatthu be found in the same place? This is actually not possible and very abstract.

2. So, the Total Impurities, such as Anusaya, Gati, Kamma Vipaka, Kamma Bija, etc., are responsible for where we are born in space and that in the whole universe?

3. Or is the location in the room only due to Kamma Vipaka?

4. What determines the position of Hadaya Vatthu after birth, in space…..

5. You can also divide the worlds and location according to Citta.

Città according to worlds division

Consciousness classes
54 54 of the sensory sphere,
15 15 of the Fine Body Sphere,
12 12 of the Incorporeal Sphere,
8 40 of the Overworldly Sphere;
89 121 all worlds

The impurities determine the thinking (Citta) and the thought from the past also respectively . The produced Kamma viññāna & Vipaka viññāna…

In short, Citta determines the location, right?