Reply To: Does citta have spatial location?


1. Yes. Hadaya vatthu is unique to each person, but it also changes when the bhava changes, for example, from human to Brahma or human to animal. 

  • All previous bhava are shielded from the new bhava. The old hadaya vatthu dies at the cuti-patisandhi moment, and a new hadaya vatthu is created by kammic energy. 
  • All anusaya are transferred to the new hadaya vatthu. However, some anusaya are prevented from “being triggered” in higher realms. For example, when an anariya is born in a Brahma realm, kama raga anusaya will still be there; but it cannot be triggered. Thus even though a rupavacara Brahma may see “mind-pleasing objects,” his kama raga will not be triggered. Yet, when he is reborn in the human realm afterward, then it can again be triggered. 

2. Of course, the new hadaya vatthu will arise in the appropriate realm, i.e., in a different location.

  • For example, if a human dies and becomes a rupavacara Brahma, the human hadaya vatthu dies with the physical body. At that exact moment, a new hadaya vatthu will arise in that rupavacara Brahma realm, which is far above the Earth. 

3. 4. 5. 6. The hadaya vatthus are not the same as above.

If I did not understand the question (for example, in 5), please re-word the question.