Reply To: Does citta have spatial location?


Thank you, Lal, for the explanations!

Yes, that’s understood! Hadaya Vatthu with a Suddhastthaka as a subsoil is needed for the emergence of viññāna/Citta. 
1. But if one now asks, are all Hadaya Vatthu different? 
2. And if YES, therefore in different places! Because of the connection to Anusaya, Nāmagotta, kamma bija, dhammā etc. in the viññāna dhātu. Definitely in Akasa Dathu and also in Arupa Loka!

3. But if two Hadya Vatthu were exactly the same to 100%, including the mental impurities, simply everything. 
4. Would one then be in the same place? 
5. Do the different impurities lead to a spatial separation? 
6. Or is it as simple as saying that every Hadaya Vatthu is the same but in different places?

If question 5 is YES, that would make the most sense to me at the moment! And if there are no impurities present, thus no grasping, the mind (viññāna/Citta) would be placed on Nibbana dhātu.