Reply To: post on Niddesa (Brief Description) of Paṭicca Samuppāda


Thank you @SengKiat, @DanielSt, and @Jorg for your explanations.

So, From the replies of @SengKiat, @DanielSt, and @Jorg, we can understand these points;

  1. Buddha = Bhava + Uddha = that can only be seen via PS/4NT and tilakkhana.
    1. that can only be understood via understanding the dhamma/teachings of Buddha.
  2. Arhants are also a disciple Buddha.
  3. Mundane understanding of Buddha = Buddha as individual/person/identity/entity
    1. Of course, there is no such permanent entity. which can be realized only with the removal of sakkya ditthi.
  4. At a deeper level Buddha is actually the state of mind. absolutely perfect pure mind without even single blemish.
    1. This is what is actually meant, when “Buddha” is spoken about.
  5. Buddha is a 100% purified perfect mind process.
    1. again buddha is a process, not an entity.

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@SengKiat, Can you clarify a bit more about what should be understood from the sutta cited?

I understand the sutta, but, not how Buddha is to be seen from those suttas.

Do the above 5 points in this reply covers the meaning of the statement “To see buddha, you need to see PS” and “when we see PS, we see Buddha”?