Reply To: post on Niddesa (Brief Description) of Paṭicca Samuppāda


The video DanielSt posted above points to the problem of Sanskrit influence even in Sri Lanka.

I read: “This is the basis of artha-dharma. Artha Dharma and anartha-adharma…” 

It should be (in “pure Sinhala” and Pali): “This is the basis of attha-dhamma. Attha Dhamma and anattha-adhamma…” Of course, attha and anattha are a variation — stronger emphasize — of atta and anatta. Many people also use “Dharma” (Sanskrit) instead of “Dhamma” (Pali and Sinhala). Of course, many can understand either way, but the Sanskrit versions are too familiar.

  • So, even Wahraka Thero had to use the “Sankritized Sinhala” to make it easier for most people to understand. He often lamented on that.

P.S. DanielST wrote: “The Buddha said himself, that seeing him can only be done through seeing the Dhamma, or, seeing PS. “

  • Indeed!