Reply To: post on Niddesa (Brief Description) of Paṭicca Samuppāda


This video might be interesting to Tobias. It is a sermon by Waharaka Thero.


However I think Lal is entirely right that this is not relevant to spend much time on. 


Ultimately the only thing that matters is the understanding of the truth or real nature as anicca, dukkha and anatta and “see” reality and life in terms of that knowledge. Applying this knowledge into life and solving the problems that come from the ignorance of the truth (and the dukkhakhanda that comes as result). That understanding will make one’s faith unshakable and one can explain in one’s own words. 


The Buddha said himself, that seeing him can only be done through seeing the Dhamma, or, seeing PS. 


So then, we can never “really” see the Buddha through “where he(the person) came from”, etc.