Reply To: Sachi Samidu – Excellent Dhamma Explanations by a Four-Year Old


Dear Lal,

This is really interesting, and maybe she is a great thero reborn.

However, with all due respect to you, this is not exactly the Waharaka Dhamma. Firstly she does not touch on Anicca, Dukha or Anatta.

Secondly, the Sakkaya Ditthi according to the Waharaka interpretation is “Kaya” + “Sath” + Ditthi or “Sath kaya Ditthi”, which means the wrong view that the 5 Aggregates are Satisfactory.

Correct or Samma Ditthi does Not mean that the “I” does Not exist. It means that the “I” denoted by the 5 Aggregates is Not Satisfactory (“A Sath”).

With Mettha,